The Walking Hellos

by The Walking Hellos

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released February 11, 2006

Laura Cromwell: drums
Myla Goldberg: accordion, vocals
Val Opielski: guitar
Rose Thomson: bass, vocals

Album art by Megan Kelso



all rights reserved


The Walking Hellos Brooklyn, New York

The Walking Hellos are what you might get if you kidnapped The Raincoats, Pere Ubu, The Shaggs, Lydia Lunch, The Throwing Muses and held them captive in a Bed-Stuy basement for 10 years. And gave them a banjo, a double-necked guitar, some pedals, and an accordion to play with while they were in there. ... more

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Track Name: Kindly Advice for the Terminally Shy
If you find yourself wilting at the end of the day, don't forget your umbrella, friend. Cast some shade on a subject that's better left...hidden under a flowerpot, you'll find my...note the look in your eyes as your stumbling...drunk on a sound that you heard once, it's still in your mind. It's just fine, in your mind. It's sublime, in your mind.
Track Name: Tarmac
Tarmac. The sound of thunder. Waiting, but nothing comes. The sky is getting darker. Facing the sound of drums. Beneath the wooden floorboards inside a vacant home. Don’t tell (what if they came?) me where you’re hiding so I (what if they came?) won’t have to know. The razor men, cutting as they come. The eraser men, rubbing out the files. The razor men, cutting as they come. The eraser men, rubbing out the files.
Track Name: Proxy
I’ll do anything, I’ll do anything. I’ll do anything once.
Dare you, I dare you. Dare you, I dare you.
Close your eyes, forget their names. Focus on their lips again. Hands beneath the covers could be any lover’s. Skin is warm and breath is soft. Better if the lights are off. He could be another; she could be the other.
Track Name: Three Minutes
I’m writing up a new set of stories to put inside my mouth. If anyone should ask me about you I’ll open up, spit one out. Three minutes and a tiny explosion, the world resumes its shape. Your memory is a slow-acting poison that goes down sweet, then decays.
Just when I got what I thought that I wanted. Just like the apple from a tree. Tried to ask ahead if you knew the whole story. You made a promise to me. You said yes.
Track Name: How to Move Far, Far Away
Cultivate an appetite for interstates. Lanes and lines are licorice and lemon rind. Resistance to distance distills to highway wine. Irvington, Livingston, Route 46. Delaware Water Gap, Canadensis. Drive on through, miles past you.